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Luymer, Professional Photographer

During Luymer’s youth, he grew up in the Venezuelan plains with his family in Barinas-Venezuela. He completed his high school studies in 1994 and later graduated as an Architect in the city of Maracaibo in 2000. Through architecture, design and creativity, Luymer grew to be a world-class photographer and an accomplished model. He began his photography studies at the School of Fine Arts, and in 2003, Luymer obtained his degree as a professional photographer. It was then that he began to develop his craft and gained prestigious recognition.

Luymer was honored for being one of the most influential fashion photographers in Venezuela for the quality of his portraits and fashion editorials. He has also photographed for his own magazine, Estatus, which was at the forefront of fashion and innovation in Venezuela. From publications, websites and TV shows, Luymer immediately became a media icon for photography in Barinas, Mérida and Barquisimeto. He has been invited as an official photographer for hundreds of national and international competitions, as well as a judge for beauty contests. He is responsible for countless advertising campaigns and book and music covers.

With Luymer’s accolades across many industries, he was recognized as an iconic member of the engineering school of the City of Barinas and named Person of the Year by the International Golden Mara in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia State for two consecutive years.

In Luymer’s philanthropic efforts, he has provided aid to foundations with people suffering from cancer, AIDS and HIV, and abandoned children living in the streets. As a child advocate, Luymer also collected new and used toys and provided them to vulnerable communities in Barinas-Venezuela.

In 2016, Luymer relocated to Miami and later Chicago where he continues to create life-long memories that stir emotion in his family, friends and his clients through photography.